Need money to get your idea off the ground, but not sure where to find it?

Seed Capital is the initial capital provided to a newly formed company ('Startups'), typically when the company has nothing but an idea. The term 'Startup' is generally associated with disruptive companies with high growth potential though they can take any shape and form. This funding can take many forms, including grants, loans, venture capital and investments from a Business Angel.


Seed capital is typically arranged by the founder himself and is often called the 3 F funding (Friends, Fools, Family). Some specialized VC's are interested in building new companies rather than acquiring existing ones, to involve themselves in early-stage companies.

An early-stage investment – when the company may not exist even, can be classified into two categories. Seed investments typically involve a small amount of investment to prove a concept and establish commercial viability to ensure funding for the start-up round, and start-up investments that are aimed at finishing product development and market studies, developing a business plan and building the management team. In practice, early stage companies are funded by 'Angels' – individual wealthy investors who invest their money and are different from venture capitalists.



  • Empirical evidence shows less than 2% of true early-stage companies have been funded by VC's
  • Startup firms and first time entrepreneurs need to build credibility
  • Preparing a executable business-plan with all possible details that gives the bigger picture
  • Identifying potential investors who may be interested in building the business from ground up
  • Succesfully selling the idea and pitching for funds


  • Detailed research resulting in comprehensive business plan that is more likely to be accepted
  • In-house database of investors for efficient match-making
  • Helping entrepreneurs in preparation with 'pitchbooks'
  • Advising on potential capital structures of the firm with 'best-case scenario' solution


  • The realization of your dream
  • Unbiased ad-hoc advice and hands-on extensive entrepreneurial experience
  • Access to the right investors through our capital partner network
  • Personalized attention and commitment to your goals
  • Although less than 2% of the early stage companies get funded, we work at no cure, no fee

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