Require funds to initiate a commercial-scale manufacturing plant or to develop your first sales force, but not sure where to find the money?

A startup company that has already beta tested its product and have started with alpha-testing with the second-generation prototypes with potential end-users. New funding is required now to initiate commercial scale launch and the company is busy putting together an initial management team.


Though the firm has finished alpha and possibly beta-testing by now and no longer offers products or services for free, it requires cash for additional marketing efforts and for setting up new distribution channels. Early-stage funding is typically provided by venture capital funds.


  • Young, fast-growing and potentially successful firms typically face second equity gap
  • Revenues are too small to attract investors though commercial viability of the product has been established
  • Securing commitment from willing investors before competition sets in and nullifies the first-mover advantage


  • Professionals at V4G help in preparing a detailed business plan after understanding the funding requirements
  • Extensive network in the European VC industry ensures simultaneous negotiations with multiple active investors
  • Industry veterans with proven track-recors assists in finalising deals, meaning higher chances of success


  • Faster transactions to make sure early-mover advantage  is maintained
  • Greater chances of securing expansion capital in follow-up funding round
  • Unbiased advice and regular communication for greater transparency
  • Global expertise on alternative capital structure and tax matters to ensure maximum prudence and efficiency

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