Are you a mature and fast growing company that needs cash to maintain your market share?

Expansion or Growth Capital is typically provided by private equity funds to 'growth' companies – companies that are growing at a fast rate, and often involves a minority investment in a relatively mature company with stable revenues and operating profits.

In order to maintain their market share in a rapidly growing market, growth companies are extremely cash hungry. Since the business is unable to generate positive cash flows due to heavy investments in capacity expansion, banks are generally unwilling to lend in such scenarios. Also the size of the business is relatively small to take the company public through an IPO. Growth Capital is all about supporting the growth of the business top line (revenue) and does not involve any acquisition debt.


  • Difference in business valuation and analysis due to separate owner-purchaser due-diligence report
  • Preparation of shareholders' agreement with clearly defined minority shareholder (invesors') richts
  • Clarity in investment holding-period with defined investment horizons and exit strategies


  • V4G advisors conduct capital-need analysis and explain different strategies and alternatives available to growth companies
  • Access to a proprietary private-equity investor database
  • Help prepare detailed business plans that allows owners and promoters to maintain control over their businesses and preserve equity


  • Regular monitoring until transaction is completed successfully
  • Comprehensive due-diligence and multiple-valuation methods ensure best price for equity
  • Fast turn-around ensures minimal loss of time
  • Detailed business plan clearly stating post-investment equity structure, investment horizon and exit strategies for minority investors to avoid any potential conflict at a later stage

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