Are you an individual who skillfully manages his own wealth in order to achieve personal financial goals?

Individual investors may have smaller amounts to invest than the larger venture capitalists like business angels or family offices. However, they share the same passion to invest in startups and see their wealth multiply x times.

They cannot invest directly into the startups, as their investment amounts are small. A relatively new trend has emerged, where they are actively using 'crowdfunding' platforms to invest in promising startups.

Crowdfunding platforms allow entrepreneurs to create their profile and seek investments from the general public by selling their business idea and explaining their business model and associated rewards. Individuals who are like-minded and are impressed with the idea, join together and pool their money to invest in such startups. These investors are not hands-on owners and will not get dirty on the shop-floor to fix problems.  Rather they would rely on the existing entrepreneurs or may be hire managers to grow the business for them.



  • Individual investors generally lack technical expertise and depend on others for investment opinions
  • Insufficient due-diligence prior to investment may result in disaster post-acquisition
  • The investment requirement may be too large for an individual investor
  • Lack of knowledge and expertise in structuring and closing these deals


  • Professionals with deep industry knowledge in a wide range of businesses including manufacturing, technology, software and IT services, travel etc.
  • Independent and rigorous due-diligence conducted to protect the buyer's interests
  • Preparation of detailed and comprehensive business plans clearly showing future earnings and return on investment calculations
  • Pooling of financial capital from multiple like-minded individuals and other investors


  • V4G protects your interest with valuable inputs before, during and after the investment
  • Large membership base consisting of both small and large investors – helps you in networking, sharing ideas and even pooling capital for investment
  • Our team provides all the required professional services and ensures financing rounds are successfully completed


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