Private Companies


  • To present your company in the best possible way and determine a sensible valuation
  • To locate buyers who can understand your business, see its potential and have the capacity to proceed towards a quick sale
  • To educate potential buyers about your company and demonstrate the value in the purchase, whether it is synergy to their operations, or simply that there is a good strategic reason to proceed.
  • To be aware of opportunities in the market and enable the company to be sold in the quickest possible time whilst buyers are active.


  • V4G has extensive experience with midsize, privately held companies. We understand the challenges placed on the entrepreneur and business leader in the quest to build and sustain the values of a business
  • V4G has proven methods to support and guide business leaders through the selling process.
  • We are able to present your business thoroughly to potential buyers after spending much time with you to fully understand what is involved and by using our own extensive experience to produce valuations that are substantiated and solid.


  • The benefits in using V4G include superior execution, higher transaction value, more favorable closing terms, lower transaction costs and may result in a reduced tax burden through careful planning and our full understanding of the whole process.

V4G will deliver a clear understanding of the business being purchased. If a buyer can understand the business a successful conclusion is more likely. By understanding your company and its business we are able to deliver a clear selling package and explain the unique aspects of your business and its potential to attract suitable buyers willing to integrate your business into their own or simply take over operations and continue to develop them. These results result in both satisfied sellers and buyers as we have documented plans for the benefit of both.


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