Are you running an investment firm and need to outsource some advisory services?

Whilst you can do some of this work in house, there are many benefits in contracting with V4G as an independant matchmaking advisor. 



  • Determining optimum exit strategies for each investment requires a) through and continuing understanding b) if business and global cycles.
  • How to obtain the optimum price for the investments indentifying assets to purchase and providing sufficient due diligence to ensure a low risk strategy is employed.
  • To locate the most suitable buyers/sellers so that the disposal or acquisition process is done at the least cost and loss of time


  • V4G has the skill sets and industry data necessary to identify platform companies and the executive teams required to lead them.
  • When an investment firm seeks to build value around an existing portfolio, or 'platform' company, we can support the buildup strategy by quickly identifying the niche companies required to achieve market coverage, domain knowledge, and skill set objectives.
  • We know what is happening in the marketplace and who the potential buyers/sellers are. This leaves you as an investment firm more time to run your business with the certainly that a well researched and through methodology is being used.


  • Well researched strategies lead to better portfolios of investments and therefore superior and sustainable returns
  • Well researched strategies will always lower the risk Using a third party research house, independent of the firm, the buyer or the seller makes sound business sense
  • By outsourcing this service, salary costs are minimized and the service provided can be scaled up or down depending on market activity thereby minimizing your cash flow

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