Are you a majority shareholder in a private business?

If you are a majority shareholder in a private business and you wish to sell, Ventures4Growth can help you achieve the best sale price. In a difficult and volatile market many owners think about selling but may not be sure which method will be best for their business.V4G will examine your business and ensure that the best process for sale is used in order to unlock the true value of your business assets.


  • To get the optimum value for your business by examining its current position, opportunities and constraints and fully understand its future potential
  • To identify and isolate the value drivers of the business and present them to potential buyers in language that lets them see the current and future potential of your business, thereby maximising your return.


  • We explore your options and consider all alternatives whilst conducting a review of your businessWe prepare a written memorandum that identifies and highlights the attributes and strengths of your business
  • We can identify and negotiate with potential purchasers on your behalf We are able to assist the purchasers with their due diligence and to understand the valuation method employed.


  • V4G has extensive, deep and well researched knowledge of its markets to make sure our clients are always successful in their business ventures
  • We are professional in our approach and ensure that transactions are carried out in the best possible time to maintain the value of your business.
  • V4G through its processes and understanding delivers understanding, trust and full comprehension of your busines to potential buyers thereby making the transaction as smooth adn trouble free as possible.

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