Are you a Receiver seeking to manage a business or company?

Receiver have responsibilities to lenders to manage businesses as an interim measure to see how to restore them to profitability, or see them through a period in which credit is required to be extended for a longer period than originally planned.


V4G can assist on your behalf.



  • To quickly come to an understanding of the commercial environment in which the business operates
  • To identify areas of waste or unnecessary expenditure
  • To understand if any malpractice has occurred and commence recovery
  • To negotiate with lenders and consider means of raising further capital
  • To dispose of non core activities/assets


  • V4G provides the advisory service to identify the  best-possible alternatives and assist receivers  to decide how best to realize the assets
  • V4G can provide management assistance at all levels to maintain the operations of the company/business
  • We can provide the expert understanding and advise you as a receiver a range of alternative strategies
  • We offer a proven and established track record in helping receiver dispose of assets strategically and realize maximum returns in the process.
  • We have an industry-wide network that helps us find the best possible purchaser for your business or company


  • You can avoid the time taken to understanding how to manage the assets by engaging V4G to do this on your behalf.
  • We can manage the business and provide the safeguards necessary to ensure its continuation or recommend alternative action if this is required.
  • We can advise on the strategies to be employed with debt re-negotiation or in finding alternative recapitalization possibilities
  • We offer individual solutions for all of the assets you need to manage.
  • Professional and focused approach by  V4G offers significant cost and time savings on transactions

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