Are you a individual looking for the right Venture to invest in?

Wealthy individuals are mostly either rich professionals or High Net-worth Individuals (HNI) who want to buy themselves a job.


Top professionals from large enterprises often get tired of bureaucracy and look to invest in turn-key businesses where they would be able to use their skills to take the business to greater heights. Buyers typically use a combination of personal money and bank loans to finance the transactions. V4G is uniquely positioned to organize a target search for you.



  • Purchasing an existing company requires an unbiased and comprehensive due-diligence
  • The target business needs to be cash-flow positive to be able to service debt and provide the buyer with enough earnings  for survival
  • Since the individual doesn't have the backing of any fund managers or strategic buyers, a stable business with established operations is a pre-requisite for success.


  • Seperate proprietary database of smallof medium businesses that fits individual investor's needs
  • Independent and rigorous due-diligence conducted to screen out the 'lemons'
  • Expertise in detailed business plan development complete with earnings and cash flow projections that facilitates bank loans
  • Strong industry-wide network that helps buyers connect with different resources for post-acquisition expansion


  • One-Stop solution for all your business needs
  • At V4G, professionals with extensive industry experience help you find the right business at the right-price, thus ensuring your interest is protected at all times.

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