Are you a company that is looking for targeted opportunities and is looking for suitable investments?

Corporate investors are companies looking to invest in companies engaged in similar lines of business.


The corporate investor may seek either backward integration (upstream integration) or forward integration (downstream integration) in order to achieve economies of scale or economies of scope, or both. Typically, the motivations for such deals are reduced operating costs through common use of assets and other resources, and greater market share throught access to associated products and services. V4G is uniquely positioned to organize a direct Venture Search for you.



  • Identifying companies that either complement or supplement the investor company's capabilities
  • Conducting due-diligence to avoid any potential future pitfalls 
  • Proper deal structuring to ensure optimal capital structure post purchase
  • Maintaining confidentiality to avoid IP protected information leakage in case the deal fails
  • Assessment of target company management to avoid conflict after deal completion


  • Access to proprietary database of firms in different segments and at different stages to decide upon the best-fit
  • Effective deal structure for efficient capital composition and optimal tax liabilities
  • Independent and rigorous due-diligence conducted
  • Maintenance of strict confidentiality throughout
  • Effective communication with target company for seamless integration post-transaction


  • OneProfessional guideance right from origination to deal completion
  • Experts at V4G with deep domain knowledge makes sure you succeed and achieve optimal ROI through synergistic integration

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