Looking for long-term, transformative, and value-creating investment opportunities?


  • Seek suitable and screened targets which combine a good strategic fit and an attractive Return on Investment - greater than an industry-standard multiple of revenue or earnings
  • Find an independent and experienced deal mediator who guides the transaction


  • Our unique networks of relationships provide access to unmatched investment opportunities
  • Our proprietary database, profiling thousands of firms, enables us to quickly identify targets that best match your investment objectives
  • Ventures4Growth delivers a non-auction deal flow of companies meeting highly specific investment criteria
  • Ventures4Growth's discreet due diligence experts ensure thorough due diligence investigations so that all problems lurking beneath the surface are identified
  • Ventures4Growth handles the risks of disclosing confidential information about business practices, the negotiation of the sales price and the contract delicately and confidentially


  • Pre-screened deal flow: The wheat is separated from the chaff
  • Find the gem that truly fits your strategy and command for premium value
  • Exhaustive and state-of-the-art due diligence services and expertise
  • A deal that meets, instead of defeats, your investment objectives


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