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Seed  Government Funds or Sovereign Wealth Funds are state-owned investment funds are derived from a country's central bank reserves and are used to acquire assets for future benefits.


The reserves can accumulate from budget and trade surpluses or from revenues earned from exports or natural resources. Such funds hold a wide variety of assets classes in their portfolio such as shares, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, commodities, precious metals, real-estates and other asset classes.



  • Due to their enormous size, often running into a few hundred billion dollars, it's often difficult to find solutions to their complex, and sometimes unique investment problems
  • Startup Empirical data shows that equity investments by sovereign wealth funds are not always driven by profit
  • maximization objectives and political considerations may be involved as well. Hence long-term returns may be inconsistent and poor compared to similar privately managed funds.


  • V4G is focused on providing Government/Sovereign Funds best solutions in close collaboration with industry leaders to enhance global coverage and augment geographic reach.
  • V4G provides deep expertise in a wide range of industries including technology, manufacturing, energy, life sciences and sectors with strategic importance. We ensure that the client's investment objectives are always aligned with the target company's investment needs and conduct extensive pre-acquisition due diligence to ensure perfect-fit


  • Proven expertise for both local and global investment opportunities
  • With extensive industry collaboration across different geographic regions, we ensure seamless cross-border and multi-jurisdiction transactions, saving both cost and time.

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