University Spin Out

Require funding for commercializing a business idea?


University spin outs are businesses which are founded by researchers to transform their technological innovations into commercial products. These ideas are usually born in university labs, and require outside capital funding to make them commercially viable. Universities typically own the respective patents and copyrights, and execute spin-outs to raise funds vital for furthering the research process, and start manufacturing and marketing the product. Legally, they are no different from a regular business venture, and the researchers are partners in the business.



  • Identifying strategic partners who believe in the research, and are willing to invest in it to make the product commercially marketable
  • Ensuring that  the  identified buyer has the necessary resources to invest in the research and commercial development of the product
  • Managing the potential conflicts between commercial and academic interests of the universities


  • V4G helps shortlist the potentials partners with the help of a large database of investors looking to invest in upcoming product ideas
  • In-depth analysis of the investing companies' strategy and financial strength to ensure that adequate funding for development and marketing of the new product is available
  • Extensive advice on structuring the new entity, taking into account the requirements of all the parties involved
  • Creating a business model for the university spin out, which depicts the rationale of how the spin-off will create, deliver and capture value
  • Our relationship with a broad range of institutional investors ensures that special financing is available when necessary, and is sourced concurrently with the sale process itself


  • Partners and associates at V4G utilize their proven expertise to help you find the optimum strategic partner for investment in your university spin out
  • We help the universities develop a successful business model for the spin-off, which is a must before initiating a university spin out
  • We run the process in a transparent manner that streamlines the clients' involvement, thus ensuring there are no potential conflicts of interest between commercial and academic work of the universities

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