Start-Through Entrepreneur

Looking to sell a stake in your new business?

Start through entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who has started all over again after a bankruptcy. He has loads of experience as an entrepreneur, is an industry expert, and has run a number of companies in the past. He is taking another shot at entrepreneurship, and might be looking for investors in his new business.


  • Identifying strategic investors who are interested in investing in your business at a fair price
  • Convincing potential investors of your ability to succeed, despite your previous negative record
  • Ensuring that control of the business remains with you, and is not taken over by the investors
  • Difficulty in assessing the potential investors' financial standing and capacity to pay


  • V4G helps Start through entrepreneurs identify potential strategic investors who are interested in buying a stake in their venture
  • Preparation of detailed and comprehensive business viability plans to sell the business idea to investors, and convince them of its success potential
  • In-depth analysis of the buying companies' financial strength, to ensure that they posses adequate capital to fund the investment
  • Deal structuring and negotiation services to ensure a fair value for the stake sold


  • Partners and associates at V4G utilize their proven expertise to help you find the optimum strategic investor, keeping your requirements in mind.
  • Our team provides all the required professional services and ensures financing rounds are successfully completed
  • Unbiased and independent advisory services ensure complete transparency, thus reducing chances of conflicts in deal making

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