Debt Placement Officer

Want to invest in a business?


Commercial debt placement is a complex process. Credit facilities may be required by businesses for immediate or long-term requirements. At Ventures4growth, we aim to structure and source financing in a manner that fits the investment needs of debt placement officers and gear investments from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow. Our capabilities include advising officers on both traditional and situational credit facilities for start-ups as well as established businesses.



  • Estimating the optimum level of debt for the target
  • Projecting operating cash flows and debt-service capacity
  • Participation in lender pre-qualification and selection
  • Evaluating finance proposals/term sheets
  • Meeting with multiple candidate borrowers and term negotiations
  • Review of pre-closing loan documents and attend loan closing


  • Capital structure analysis for optimum debt level of target
  • Reviewing structure of senior secured revolver or term loan facilities for long-term solvency
  • Arranging supplemental last-in, last-out junior secured and  last-in, first-out senior secured working capital structures for maximum liquidity of target
  • Situational balloon and non-amortizing senior and junior or delayed draw term loan arrangements
  • Identifying opportunities arising out of debt recapitalizations/restructuring and arranging investments in early-stage and mid-term cash flow positive turnarounds



Our experts ensure faster due-diligence and documentation process, resulting in speedy deal closure. We choose proposals that best fit your investment objectives and risk-appetite that are based on through research and borrowers' prior deals. We use our extensive market knowledge to negotiate best deals for debt placement officers that ensures maximum return on investment for our clients.


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