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A 'Strategic' acquisition is always initiated to add that 'extra' edge to your business, and mostly, if not always, is part of a vertical/horizontal integration process. Your move to acquire a business may give you access to newer markets or give greater leverage in an existing market by combining both forward and backward operations. Your strategic acquisition may provide your business with a new customer base as well.

Whatever may be your reason for acquiring 'that' business you think is a 'strategic' fit to the current one; V4G will do the hard work to create a competitive and successful process. To make a strategic acquisition work, detailed due-diligence in required that should be backed by considerable experience and through market knowledge. V4G will impress you with its ability to think through the strategic positioning of a business which may not be immediately obvious to potential buyers. We study the sectors at a level that is unparalleled in the industry and communicate with both strategic and financial buyers constantly. We are patient to understand the requirements but have a high sense of urgency.


  • To identify suitable targets and screen them to ensure that an apparent 'strategic fit' does not break the deal. It is also imperative to ensure that Return on Equity (ROE) equals or exceeds the benchmark earnings or revenue multiple.
  • To engage experienced advisers who think out of the box, but are straight shooters.


  • Vast relationship network ensures abundant strategic acquisition prospects
  • Our proprietary database contains thousands of profiles. We can quickly shortlist firms that are 'best fit' to your expansion strategy
  • Every deal at V4G is unique, and is offered custom-made solution since Ventures4Growth has access to high volume non-auction deal flows
  • Ventures4Growth employs seasoned professionals to conduct due-diligence. Every aspect of the 'target' business is thoroughly investigated
  • We take our non-disclosure agreements extremely seriously and assure you of absolute confidentiality. Every piece of information is secured and total secrecy is guaranteed.


  • Deal flows are pre-screened to maximise intrinsic value as well as future growth potential
  • We bring deep and diversified experience to the table gained from successful closure of numerous deals. Right from contact initiation, due-diligence and valuation to capital raising, negotiation and deal structuring, Ventures4Growth implements comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to maximise shareholder's wealth and minimize total transaction time.

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