Business Owners

Want to buy a business?


If you are a business owner of privately-held business who wishes to sell his business, Ventures4Growth can help you derive optimum valuation from divestiture. In a difficult and volatile global market, many owners review their strategic exit options. Whether you propose to sell via an auction, a focused take over or a public offering, V4G guides you through the right divestment process to help you secure the right price for your business by unlocking the true value of your assets.



  • To get an appropriate valuation done based on at least 7 different valuation methods to ensure every possible aspect has been considered
  • Keep running the business without stretching internal resources to obtain an indicative value of a division, asset or the company
  • To identify invisible/not-so-prominent value drivers and highlight them to potential buyers in order to ensure optimum valuation


  • We explore the client's options and review alternatives following which rigorous due-diligence is conducted
  • Prepare a memorandum emphasizing the business' unique attributes and prospects
  • Contact strategic and financial buyers, and evaluate and negotiate offers on behalf of clients
  • Help the seller decide on the buyer's closing valuation and due-diligence report
  • Our experts highlight key value drivers and identify growth areas to make sure you are able to negotiate a better price


  • V4G's knowledge of markets and understanding of its economics, along with deep industry insights into different financial and strategic tradeoffs make sure the client always wins.
  • Our professionals value your time and always strive to make sure such deals are closed in a time-bound manner, without suffering any loss in value.

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