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Founders are the individuals or organizations who start and setup a new business from its inception. The scale at which a new business is started, can vary from a small proprietorship firm to a large organization backed by a big corporate house.

A new business typically requires three main ingredients – business idea, technical expertise and capital apart from others. The founders may possess all of these, or typically at least one of these prerequisites. If they only have a promising business idea, they may look to hire professionals with technical expertise and source capital from angel investors and venture capitalists. They may even join other founding members who are already working on a business idea, and can provide their technical expertise or capital to the business.

Founders often require a number of ancillary and support activities to kick start their business and  to make it  a success. For example, the legal and regulatory expertise, compliance formalities, basic infrastructure and office setup, etc. Also, after a certain level, they need to scale up the business in order to be stand up to the competition and add further value. This requires a large amount of capital to hire talented resources, shore up production, invest in marketing activities, etc.

Founders have their own unique problems and challenges very different from other investors, as it is their own business and not just their capital but also their reputation is at stake. Founders often get the business start up money by mortgaging or remortgaging their homes, or selling their property and other belongings. Even those who can arrange a start up business loan might additionally opt for such financing. Further, lending institutions and investors usually expect the person starting a business to make a personal financial commitment. All these factors increase the overall risk exposure of the founders.


  • Identifying a promising business idea which has the ability to create value
  • Conducting detailed research on the business idea and analyzing the risks and returns of investing in it
  • Lack of expertise and experience in setting up a new enterprise – for e.g. taking care of legal, regulatory and tax related requirements
  • Sometimes, a large amount of capital is required to scale up the business which might not be available with the existing founding members


  • Availability of a wide range of promising business ideas and access to detailed in-house research on their viability and scalability
  • Help in hiring professionals with deep industry knowledge in a wide range of businesses
  • Pooling of financial capital from multiple like-minded individuals and other investor
  • Access to comprehensive news articles and updates on latest trending ideas, investment tips, latest developments, etc.


  • Professional advice coupled with high quality research, help you maximize returns from your investments
  • Large membership base consisting of both small and large investors – helps you in networking, sharing ideas and even pooling capital for investment
  • Our team ensures all the activities in setting-up and expanding the business are successfully completed by providing the necessary professional services

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