Roll-out financiers

Are you looking to finance the launch of promising new products in the market?

Roll-out financiers are institutions which provide funding to companies for new product roll-outs. Roll-out refers to launch of a new product or service offerings in the market, or release of a significantly upgraded version of an existing product.

New product roll-out is a very critical activity for startups, as it determines the company's survival. For existing firms, it helps establish and maintain their edge over the competition. A roll-out is always accompanied by a large marketing campaign to generate customer interest. This is applicable to all types of products, whether they are B2B or B2C products. Any roll-out campaign requires a lot of funds, be it for promotional activities or to strengthen the company's distribution network.

A full-fledged roll-out is normally preceded by a trial campaign in a representative and restricted geography, so as to analyze and fine-tune the marketing strategy. Sometimes, the results are also used to fine-tune the product or service offering. The results of the trial campaign are very useful in procuring funding from the Roll-out financiers. The funding provided can be in the form of private equity, debt or any other hybrid/structured product.


  • Identifying the companies preparing to launch a new product with great potential, and looking for funding options
  • Analyzing the real potential of the new product offering, and estimating its market and revenue potential
  • Lack of knowledge and expertise in various types of industries, their product/service offerings and the market dynamics


  • Access to large proprietary database of companies looking for funding for their new product roll-outs
  • Access to latest research material (reports, articles, news, trends, etc.) providing insights into new types of product offerings and latest trends
  • In-depth research on the market potential and viability of a new product offering, conducted by our expert team
  • Help in negotiations with the companies, especially when private equity investments are involved


  • Helps shortlist and identify companies launching promising new products, which have the potential to be a game changer
  • Successful negotiation with companies to ensure a favorable risk-reward scenario
  • Ensuring that financing rounds are successfully completed by providing all the necessary professional services

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