Are you looking for investment options offering good risk-reward ratio to create a market efficient portfolio?

Institutionals refer to the large institutional investors which pool huge sums of money from the public, and invest them in market securities, real estate and other assets. They include pension funds, retirement funds, insurance companies, mutual funds and hedge funds, among others.

Institutionals are an important source of capital for businesses, as the amounts pooled in by them are huge. Due to the large amounts they trade in, they often get preferential treatment and are eligible for lower trade commissions. And if they chose to, they can also have significant influence on the management of the businesses, as they are entitled to voting rights for their equity stake.

Institutionals are managed by professionals who have significant experience and expertise in investment management. They invest according to their investment mandates, which determine the asset classes in which they can invest as well as the level of risk they can assume. As per their mandates, they may take exposure to various types of instruments like equity shares, corporate bonds, government bonds, derivatives, commodities, currencies, private equity funds, real estate, overnight money market, etc. to diversify their portfolio. These exposures can be taken through primary market offerings, secondary market transactions or private placements.


  • Identifying the most profitable investment opportunities according to the investment mandates
  • Ensuring sufficient liquidity of investments, required in case redemption pressures in the future
  • Complying with legal regulations and ensuring tax efficiency, when investing in assets located in other countries, especially emerging markets


  • Detailed research on companies, their industry and the economy as a whole to help in your investment decision
  • Professional consultants to help identify the most tax efficient investment routes, for investing in offshore assets
  • Emerging Market specialists to provide high quality research into the investment avenues available in emerging market economies
  • Expert advice on the right portfolio strategy based on your investment mandate and investor base, so as to ensure maximum returns with adequate liquidity and minimum risk


  • Optimum portfolio construction with the help of professional and expert services
  • Easy and quick access to premium and high quality research material helps make informed investment decisions
  • Helps take advantages of risk diversification, by providing access to investment options across the border

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