Financial Institutions

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Financial Institutions are enterprises that act as financial intermediaries between investors and borrowers. They are the most common source of funding available to entrepreneurs, and act as a channel of distribution of idle funds from savers to borrowers. Most of these financial institutions invest in startups for the sole purpose of generating profits; while some of them, especially government backed ones, have the objective of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. They help entrepreneurs gain access to venture capital and assist the economy realize its dream of rapid growth. Either way, they are the catalysts of growth for any nation and play an indispensable role in the pace of development of a country.

Financial Institutions provide long term debt at reasonable rates to enable entrepreneurs in converting their dreams into reality. Due to their wide geographical coverage, financial institutions are able to provide loans at reasonable rates to both small scale and large scale enterprises.

Prior to investment, these Financial Institutions perform thorough research and analyze expected returns on a comparative basis. Their priority is to achieve maximum returns at the least possible risk. Moreover, financial institutions operate in highly regulated environments, especially in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Hence, they have to be very selective about their investments and need to ensure that their targeted risk-return ratios are maintained.


  • Identifying startups which provide financial institutions with the required returns, and also safeguard themselves against the risks of default
  • Maintaining a diversified portfolio to minimize concentration risk
  • Meeting strict regulatory and compliance requirements, especially in the changed economic scenario


  • Conducting extensive analysis of risks involved using charts and models, thereby ensuring increased safety of their funds
  • Assist in identifying startups across industries to ensure proper diversification and strategic asset allocation
  • Experts with knowledge of the latest regulatory requirements, ensuring all compliance needs are met


  • Minimize risks, both in terms of reduced default risks and increased diversification benefits
  • Unbiased and independent advisory ensures complete transparency, thus reducing chances of conflicts in deal making
  • Helps comply with the regulatory requirements across industries and countries

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