Corporate Investors

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Corporate Investors refer to the companies that invest in, or acquire control of other companies. These are typically large corporate houses investing in other businesses for strategic reasons. They may engage in horizontal, vertical, concentric as well as conglomerate mergers and acquisitions, so as to increase geographical reach, expand product lines, achieve greater economies of scale and scope, and even to enter new businesses lines.


Corporate Investors formulate a coherent investment strategy before investing in companies. There may be various motives behind this. They look for acquisitions that provide them greater operating or financial synergy.  They may acquire undervalued firms not because they offer valuation surplus but more importantly, their products or services have great potential when combined with their own product line. Other reasons behind the acquisition, maybe to diversify in order to simply reduce risks or for 'empire building'.


These corporate investors are interested in external and inorganic growth, rather than expanding internally. Once the deal is finalized and the acquisition takes place, they also take control of all the operations. However, they normally decide to retain the existing entrepreneurs in leadership positions as well as most of the employees for at least the initial period of time - this helps ensure smooth business continuity.



  • Identifying promising startups as well as established enterprises, that are in line with the company's future business strategy
  • Determining the true business value of the target firm, so that the acquiring company does not overpay
  • Identifying and retaining all talented employees of the target organization, and avoiding friction or cultural clashes as far as possible


  • Providing a vast database of flourishing business ventures and shortlisting the firms that fulfill your investment criteria
  • Conducting in-depth research of the company as well as industry to help you determine the true business value that can be derived out of an acquisition. Also assisting in negotiations with the entrepreneurs to ensure you do not overpay
  • Providing trained consultants who assist in retaining key employees, so that desired expertise and experience stays within the organization
  • Providing change management consulting services to deal with any cultural differences that may arise at the amalgamated workplace 


  • Helps shortlist and identify businesses which fit into the business strategy and objectives
  • Ensures minimum cultural conflicts and helps achieve greater synergies post-acquisition
  • Makes sure that the acquiring firm does not overpay and that the shareholders gain from the deal
  • Our services ensure that financial transactions between the companies take place in a secured and efficient manner

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