Business Angels

Are you an individual who wants to invest your money, experience and expertise in a young, promising, fast growing venture?


Business Angels are typically venture capitalists or wealthy individuals who invest in ideas and startup companies.


Business angels can help you get started.  At this stage of the venture, usually there's a lone entrepreneur who just has an idea, possibly scribbled in few pages in the garage. There's no management team, no market analysis, no formal business plan; just a rough sketch of an idea.


At this level, typically there's no formal private placement memorandum or subscription agreement that is signed. The entrepreneur usually begins to start the development of a service or product prototype, but no marketing or product testing is done at this stage. Additionally, the entrepreneur will also start drafting a formal business plan and conduct market surveys, and may even assemble some key management team members. The typical investment amount is very small, between $50,000 and $500,000.



  • The biggest challenge at this stage is to find a venture capitalist or business angel willing to write the first check
  • Since the entrepreneur has nothing but an idea, handholding is required in developing the business plan and in conducting market analysis


  • Proprietary in-house database of angels and VCs to help startups get connected
  • Mentor first-time entrepreneurs on the possible pitfalls of an idea and help develop a feasible business plan and corresponding 'pitch-books'
  • Handhold on developing detailed market analysis reports


  • Professional business plan is prepared from an idea that can be presented to investors
  • Guidance on avoiding pitfalls when pitching for investment
  • Our professionals will help you get access to the investment world and will make sure financing rounds are successfully completed

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