• The LAUNCH phase of the business lifecycle starts when you open your doors. Considering it usually takes 18 months to many years for a business to become profitable, this phase of your business is also challenging. Your business has become a reality and there is a risk you could fail. Many businesses do fail in these first few years. A proper exit strategy is critical to minimize your losses if your business does fail, one that maximizes your liquidation value as well as your company's acquisition value. Alternatively, you could find that your company is an immediate success and, as such, generates interest over buying it. In this case, you will need accurate valuations and someone in your corner to make sure that the transaction goes well.
  • If you decide that you want to exit your business after you launch for whatever reason, Ventures4Growth can help. We help you maximize the value of your business to make sure that you get what your company is truly worth if you do decide to close your doors, be it through liquidation or sale. We can work with you to establish solid valuations as well as shop your business to private investors and entrepreneurs within our network. Ventures4Growth works to get you the most possible for your business and, as a rule, we never serve your competition or engage in any type of business in which getting you a lower offer could be in our best interest. By tying our interests together, the best possible reward is assured.

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