• The RAPID GROWTH phase of the business lifecycle can be very satisfying. After all, you saw your idea through to becoming a business and it is rapidly becoming a success. You have likely started to turn a profit. With that, new issues are emerging as sales increase in volume and there are new opportunities on the horizon. With careful planning, your company could grow and expand into new product lines, new locations or new formats. You will have to decide whether you want to be part of that growth or if you would rather divest your interests in the company.
  • Through our experienced experts, Ventures4Growth will help you make an informed decision about your company's growth. If you decide you want to sell, your Ventures4Growth team will prepare a valuation for your business that is based on your company's growth and prospects for the future. Further, we can access our vast network and locate a buyer who will pay what your company is truly worth. Afterwards, our experts will craft the deal and handle everything for you, from the actual sale to the legal considerations and the tax obligations that stem from it. Moreover, Ventures4Growth only charges you when the deal is successful, so you lose nothing.

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