Our Purpose

To broker for superior equity capital through the crunch points in the lifecycle of a growing Enterprise:


Ventures4Growth (V4G) aims to get rare access to equity capital or debt finance to our clients that would otherwise be difficult to acquire. We even enable enterprises not listed on a stock market to benefit from corporate finance services.

The corporate finance can be used for a number of purposes such as:

  • Develop new products & technologies
  • Enter new markets
  • Expand working capital
  • Make acquisitions
  • Strengthen a company's balance sheet
  • Exit a business
  • Resolve ownership and management issues
  • Buy-out or buy-in of a business by experienced managers

Multitude of Investors

The growing multitude of sources of corporate finance is a double-edged sword. While providing a diverse range of source of capital, one can be perplexed about finding the right investor. Without adequate guidance, like V4G provides, you can end up with the wrong investor and your business endeavors may suffer as a natural consequence.

Diverse & Unique Needs

The needs of private high net worth individuals for example, have different investment criteria from that of financial institutions. Understanding these differing requirements and the investment philosophies behind them can mean the difference between successful and failed fund raising.

Matching your Requirements with the Perfect Capital Source

Our regular contact with a wide range of investors ranging from private individuals to strategic industrial investors, venture capitalists to large investment banks translates into superior decision making for our clients. Add to this the knowledge from our proprietary database of investment deals and M&A transactions and V4G becomes the most viable choice for selecting corporate finance. V4G offers independent advice to businesses on whom to approach as potential investors, how best to present themselves and what type of financing structure is best for their circumstances.