Building trust in dealing with the information asymmetries

Trust issues often prove to be real kill joys when it comes to attracting the right buyers or investors for a business and they can jeopardize many potentially successful deals.


It goes without saying that sellers and entrepreneurs usually know their own companies inside and out, Furthermore, sellers are often reluctant to announce that their businesses are for sale, and a resulting circulation of vague information arouses suspicion with potential buyers.


Common sense among buyers and investors dictates that their prospective business partners will go to great lengths to overemphasize their companies' strengths and opportunities, so as not to admit to their threats and weaknesses.


Ventures4Growth reduces information asymmetry through careful examination and subsequent communication to potential buyers and investors, while taking into account the sellers' - and possibly even the investors' - (or vice versa) wish for discretion.


This is what Ventures4Growth is about, and if you want to experience our ability to deliver, contact us by chosing one of the options below!