Managing and coordinating all technicalities leading into a successful Deal

Ownership succession and capital matchmaking usually entail capital restructuring and the transfer of many different types of assets, each of which might be governed by particular rules or can be subject to a number of different tax and legal provisions, that vary with the nation of the parties involved.


And what about the transfer of less tangible business qualities, such as the owners' and entrepreneurs' knowledge regarding specific markets and technologies, their profitable relationships with clients and suppliers, their experiences with staff, patents, business secrets, ...


More often than not, the prospective deal involves more parties than just the buyer/seller or the investor/entrepreneur. Credit institutions and governmental authorities on the one hand and relatives often have a say in the transactions at hand, which complicates matters even further.


Ventures4Growth works alongside the management team and other advisors to help achieve a deal which realizes increasing sustainable value to all relevant parties.


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