Our remuneration is based on a 'Succes Fee only' formula

Whenever you come to Ventures4Growth be in search for Equity Capital, Company Brokerage or just because you want to maximise the liquidity or the value or your actual venture portfolio, we won't charge you hourly fees, retainers nor management fees. This would be against our philosophy.


Most of us are serial entrepreneurs; we have been there many times and as such do know a 'one and only' acceptable remuneration model: the risk/rewards model, or a 'Success Fee Only' model, where someone gets paid based on a successful transaction.


So if our alliance was unable to realize a successful transaction, no one gets paid. This is a simple and straightforward mechanism, which is in line with the entrepreneurial philosophy where we stand for.


Ventures4Growth is paid based upon a commission schema at the closing of the transaction, independent if our process took 100 hours or 1000 man-days of effort. Next to cash, our Partnership accepts equity, options and/or warrants as remuneration supplement.


Transactions are realised by our knowledgeable network of people such as VenturePreneurs, Partners and Associates who contribute to a deal completion. All of these will be rewarded based upon their individual added value during the transactions process. The transparant commission and sharing formula is an additional key success factor in the way we achieve results.


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