Why us?

Pursuing a crucial objective of being close to our clients, V4G's VenturePreneurs ensure that the size of our partnership allows optimum agility. This is reflected in our entrepreneurial 100% success-fee structure, especially designed to keep a customized professional engagement while ensuring our clients' success.


Avoid & Manage Technicalities

Technicalities are important concern as during negotiations deal structures often create a benefit to one party while undermining the other. Advisors familiar with alternative structures, M&A tax laws and similar transactions can significantly help in achieving a mutually agreeable outcome. A total of six professional advisors, including a lawyer, an accountant and an intermediary (usually an investment banker) for each buyer and seller are generally required for negotiating and completing a transaction.

Where your Accountant or Lawyer can't help you

A pool of expert knowledge and experience is required to insure that your transaction remains on track. You need to realize that the trading of a venture is not generally the specialty of a multitude of lawyers or accountants. Hence, your current accountant or lawyer may lack the expertise in M&A transactions required for effective completion of the deal. This is much more likely if your accountant or lawyer is a sole practitioner or a partner of a small practice. Subsequently you will need to avail the necessary expertise from another firm. Like Ventures4Growth. We will expedite your venture transactions and improve the chances of a favorable outcome for you.

Keeping the Transaction on Track

As our role as an intermediary will put our sole focus is the transaction, we will keep the transaction moving forward and on track. V4G's expertise and experience will be invaluable during negotiations. V4G will also add value by offering professional advice of similar transactions, attracting potential buyers functioning as the intermediary. Our role as intermediary is invaluable since any potential relationship problems arising between you and the other party in heated deal negotiations can be attributed us, alleviating any adverse effects to the future buyer/seller relationship.