Our Values Differentiate Us

Values Creating Value


Ventures4Growth believes in creating exceptional value for its clients. The company accomplishes this with the help of an array of values that all combine to give unsurpassed services to our clientele. By staying true to these values, Ventures4Growth has set the bar very high for the level of professionalism, practicality and profitability that every one of our clients enjoy and every one of our competitors struggle to match.
Our values grace the following activities that result in our clients' success:

  • Prudent and conservative risk management
  • Innovative business ideas
  • Propriety Technology, Software and Database Systems
  • Investment in our partners
  • Keen observation of our clients' wants.

We aim to sustain Ventures4Growth as a high performance thriving organization. Our entire company is driven by a set of shared values:



Ventures4Growth is unparalleled in its sense of urgency. Time and again our work has proved V4G's capability of completing even the most complex of assignments, across Europe, in less than five weeks from brief to short list presentation. Time and distance don't matter V4G's professionals begin work on your project.

Industry Focus


As a Ventures4Growth client you will undoubtedly enjoy our highly focused expertise. We only deliver assignments in the sectors our VenturePreneurs are knowledgeable about. This puts our network of contacts way ahead of a generalist corporate finance firm. Constant contact with the movers and shakers within the sector also gives us unrivalled knowledge, insight and market perception. Our laser sharp focus on what we do best makes us the best in what we do.

Personal Commitment


Every employee at Ventures4Growth, from the executive management to the support staff is committed to our clients and their objectives. Each service at V4G, whether it is related to venture raising capital, equity investments or selling/acquiring ventures, is driven by our personal commitment that shines through our excellence and result driven work. Each VenturePreneur personally delivers Ventures4Growth's promise to its clients, embedding speed and quality with every service and client relationship. These personal relationships add significantly to the mutually beneficial long-term relationships that we develop with our clients.

Knowledge Management


Our knowledge database is used as a tool to support and build each individual Talent Acquisition Architect's market knowledge and search process expertise. Ventures4Growth emphasizes on knowledge to effectively minimise turn around times, and our fresh knowledge-building guarantees that we locate the majority of candidates in the market. Our superior knowledge management through our heavy investment in leading edge information and knowledge management systems gives V4G the competitive advantage that ultimately translates into our clients' success.

Focused Candidate Assessment


Each candidate is comprehensively interviewed against the competencies agreed during the assignment brief, ensuring that comparisons can be made between each individual against the same criteria. Our network of contacts at senior and executive levels of the technology sector allows us to take up confidential personal references, should this be required.

Relationship Management


You don't need to get bogged down by the plethora of personnel and intricacies involved in your assignment. When you come to Ventures4Growth, you will be assigned one Talent Acquisition Architect. The Architect will serve as your single point of contact with Ventures4Growth, unless you specifically require multiple contacts. An account manager leverages the experience of individual Talent Acquisition Architects who understand the complex issues in the technology sector and within your specific organisation. Our excellence in relationship management is testified by the fact that than 70% of our business comes from repeat retained clients. This is quality client relationships at its best.

Strategic Partnerships


Ventures4Growth's strategic partnership with key industry elements gives our clients the assurance that whatever can work positively for their objectives, is working toward their success. V4G views its relationship with every stakeholder as a strategic partnership. The strategic partnerships makes the process of achieving our clients' objectives beneficial for everyone involved, accelerating our clients' success.

Entrepreneurship & Community


Ventures4Growth's culture is one in which people take responsibility to improve processes and procedures whenever they can. We learn from every assignment and our performance improves with every project that we undertake. Our desire for constant learning and improvement create important communities where our Clients, Partners and Associates team up, live and work. Our keen interest in building entrepreneurial healthy communities is a testament of our vision and enterprising outlook. We provide much more than financial services that propel the flow of commerce and add convenience for individuals. Ventures4Growth also offers the extra, invaluable assistance to support social welfare, global charities, low-income families and dramatically improves the chances of success for struggling small businesses.


Every year 2.5% of V4G's profit goes to four entrepreneurial/charity projects:




Not least, we believe in creating value for our clients. All the values above, and V4G's strict adherence to them sustains Ventures4Growth as a high performance 3.0 organization.