Distinctive Qualities

Distinctive Qualities:
  • Ventures4Growth is unbiased, as not part of a big organization with varied interests and profit centers.
  • V4G defines its distinction through focusing on a singular service i.e. Capital Matchmaking which has a broad range of sub-services. Hence V4g has no conflict of interest, i.e. no other direct profit centers such as audit, accounting, legal, estate planning or tax optimization.
  • V4G's clients benefit from an our outstanding network of contacts in the European Market, the venture capital industry and the right personal connections, all of which contribute to the clients' success.
  • The VenturePreneurs at V4G rely on a sound and pragmatic methodology that has been developed in order to support a structured client approach. The superior methodology ensures maximized return and cost-effective results for Ventures4Growth clients.
  • Ventures4Growth's VenturePreneurs are personally involved in and committed to the success of our clients' deals.
  • Ventures4Growth intends to develop a collaborative relationship with its clients. V4G can offer additional services by utilizing outside expertise and provide a full set of services with a selection of highly qualified and knowledgeable business partners.
  • Ventures4Growth's value proposal is enhanced by the ethics we choose to follow, which are in line with our clients. In effect, transparency, on-going communication and trust are the basic principles which combine with the VenturePreneurs' experience to ensure optimum return for our clients and business partners. We prevent conflict of interest by not engaging on both sides of an M&A deal and by not accepting during the same time period a mandate with two competitive companies.