Early Stage Capital

  • Ventures4Growth has experience working with companies in the launch phase of the business lifecycle. We understand your unique worries and concerns, and we can guide you through the labyrinth of officially launching your business. Your Ventures4Growth shadow executive will help you set up your strategy and vision properly so that you are in full compliance with local requirements and so that you can take advantage of every incentive offered. In turn, your Ventures4Growth investment banker will work with you to make sure you are prepared for success, confirming that the initial investments you make are worthwhile and that your strategy is fully formed.
  • As you launch your company, financing is a major issue. It takes quite a bit of money to open your doors for business, well-stocked and properly branded. Ventures4Growth can help you make sure that you have enough capital available to open your business as well as survive until you start turning a profit. We can also help you position your business, legally and with regard to accounting, so that it is ready to explore bigger financing options, like venture capital, angel investors, private equity or public offering

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