Eric Pol

Senior Executive Partner

Head of Finance Mix & Fundraising Practice


"When meeting an entrepreneur for the first time, I don't talk about fundraising. I talk about himself or herself, his/her team, vision, approach, solution, strategy, goals...and that's when it begins."
"Entrepreneurs don't need money to succeed. They need smart money ; from investors who can add to the team, helping it push the limits of what is possible with technology, product and market."


The executive culture at Ventures4Growth is designed to bring in the most diversely talented group of individuals available, and Senior Executive Partner Eric Pol certainly fits the bill.

Eric brings a profoundly diverse wealth of experience and skills to Ventures4Growth, having worked in both corporate and consulting roles and with over 25 years of complex business-to-business leadership on his resumé. Before joining Ventures4Growth, Eric worked extensively within the Life Science and Health ecosystems, helping lead big-name companies like Pfizer, GE, and Philips to continued dominance.


He's also been instrumental in leading venture capitalists and private equity firms to great success, and specializes in strategy development and implementation when it comes to mergers and acquisitions financing. Much of Venture4Growth's goals involve matching talented individuals with the funding and leadership they need, and Eric Pol has spent much of his career doing exactly that.


Eric studied at Boston College, Strasbourg Business School and the University of Stirling. He majored in International Marketing and Business Strategy and has also followed Executive Programs at INSEAD. Eric is regularly invited to speak at international events within the industry, the European Commission, the OECD and the Transatlantic Business Council.



Assistant Dial: +32 2 588 14 44