Nico Daminet

Executive Partner

Head of Public Offering Solutions



Nico Daminet has more than 15 years' in Corporate Finance services such as advising in fund raising, M&A, MBI, MBO, IPO. He is specialized in financial projects such as budgeting, forecasting, reporting and due diligence research.

In early 2007 Nico founded Emerio, which was later integrated in Ventures4growth at the end of 2015. 

Emerio provided independent advice on financial projects and corporate finance. The company had a collaboration agreement with London based NAC and was recognised as Listing Sponsor for IPOs on NYSE Alternext.

From June 2004 until February 2007, Nico was Senior Financial Analyst and Investor Relations for Telenet and was responsible for modelling the LRP (LongRange Plan) and external reporting to the bond market. In this role, he wrote the required reporting documents (SEC – compliant 10Q and 20F). He also exercised a key role in the IPO process of the Company. He participated actively in preparing the equity story, writing the prospectus and visiting investors during the European roadshow.


In March 2002, Nico joined Delta Lloyd Securities as Sector Analyst Telecom Operators, following all the major European telecoms operators including UK leaders such as Vodafone, BT and mmO2. According to the AQ/RQ report, he rose from second-ranked to top analyst on Orange thanks to his precise earnings estimate track-record over the last year. In addition, Nico was ranked No. two on Telecom Italia and No. five on KPN for his precise rating track-record.


In January 2000, during his education at the EHSAL and within the framework of his thesis, Nico started his career as Project Manager and Business Analyst at KPN Belgium, the former Belgian subsidiary of KPN. He had different assignments as Project Manager for the selection and implementation of an ERP system. The most important duty was as Business Analyst in charge of the introduction of a Business Balanced ScoreCard, based on Business Objects as reporting tool


Nico is known for his problem-solving skills and superior working standards. He has a wide network of contacts. Nico combines a warm personal and pragmatic approach, with solid expertise and broad experience.


Nico studied at the Ehsal HUB. He majored as a Master in Business Engineering and has a MBA in Financial Accounting and Investment Advising.



Assistant Dial: +32  2 588 14 44