Guy Louis

Senior Executive Partner

Head of Innovation & Enterprises' Acquisition Practice


Bringing a broad and far-reaching spectrum of experience in operational, technical and managerial positions to Ventures4Growth, Guy Louis serves in the critical dual role of Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurial Acquisition Practice. In a market that changes at light-speed, Guy understands the constantly evolving challenges involved with bringing new technologies, processes and services into the marketplace. With an in-depth understanding of the business to business market and experience in both European and U.S.-based organizations like ExpertEyes, Powersoft, and Barco Automation, Guy Louis has built a career out of guiding and developing startups all over the world.
At Ventures4Growth, Guy is responsible for managing a handpicked group of investors and entrepreneurs, overseeing the entire process from the initial search and the preliminary deal to the management strategy and eventual sale of the company. He is constantly striving to serve talented, determined and focused entrepreneurs to acquire and manage businesses and build relationships with investors and mentors. By implementing tried and true techniques pioneered by startup accelerators such as Y Combinator, GorillaPark and Techstars, Guy has been instrumental in building a thriving ecosystem designed to propel entrepreneurial success into the stratosphere.
Bridging the gap between businesses, clients, and investors, Guy Louis has mastered the various levels of communication that take place both within an organization and with that organization's contacts. This ability and experience is all in the service of a single, unifying goal—getting the job done. 
Guy studied at the University of Ghent and the University of Leuven. He majored as a Master in Engineering, obtained a Masters degree in Information Systems and followed the Advanced Executive Programs at the Vlerick Business School.



Assistant Dial: +32 9 269 52 45