Alexander Van de Rostyne

Senior Executive Partner

Head of Strategic Client Solutions




Alexander's résumé is definitely not main stream.


Yes, he spent most of his career in hi-tech companies, including Motorola and later Apple where he held overall marketing responsibilities for Apple in Belgium and on a European level in Paris.  He led Internet Service Provider and new media company Planet Internet during 7 years from a start-up to a first class contender in the early days of the internet. He picked up The Reference web-agency from a near terminal status after the internet bubble burst, to transform it into a profitable and professionally run company. He then sold it to Emakina. He was and still is on the advisory board of several start-ups. He was closely involved in selling mobile hospitality company POSIOS to the Canadian LightSpeed (one of the most successful cloud based retail platforms in the world).


And then there is 'the other side'. As a lifelong hobby musician he is an accredited composer at Sabam with songs interpreted and published by Belgian artists. His fascination for cars has let him to build his own and get it on the road. He is an obsessed aeromodeller since more than 50 years, as such he invented and patented a revolutionary rotor system that makes helicopters extremely easy to fly. He teamed up with Silverlit (a leading Chineese Toy Company) and his designs reached world fame. They became the world's best-selling flying toys in history, and were a real game changer for the toy market bringing the joy of flying a remote controlled helicopter to tens of millions of kids (and their fathers..) . He collected multiple awards: 'Toy of the year' in the US, France, Belgium, UK (and many others) as well as the industry wide and highly reputed 'Nikkei Product & Service Award' in Japan. His work is referred to in NASA White Papers concerning the future of space missions. Steve Wozniak was a fan.


Alexander obtained a degree in electro mechanical engineering and a degree in computer science at the Free University Brussels (VUB). He graduated as Master of Science in Management at Boston University, and complemented that with management programs at Insead and London Business School. He is a trained car mechanic. Music?  He mastered the guitar through listening over and over again and note for note to Neil Young's 'Harvest' till the turntable needle cut through the vinyl.



Assistant Dial: +32 9 269 52 44