Seed Capital

  • Ventures4Growth will help you secure the financing you need and help you make a decision as to what type of financing to pursue. Moreover, we can help you obtain the volume of financing you need, without losing control of the business. Ventures4Growth provides unbiased and experienced advice through a team of qualified professionals that will help ensure that you make the right decisions for your business and your goals – an accountant, an attorney and a corporate finance expert. This way, you have expert guidance on all facets of your business. Ventures4Growth can also help make sure that you choose the right structure for company and your goals for it. We can help you set your business up properly so that no effort is wasted and exit, when you are ready, is easy. When you work with Ventures4Growth, you only pay a fee for our services when we successfully get you the financing you need, your risk is minimized.
  • With Ventures4Growth, you can explore traditional options, like business loans, alongside less traditional ones, like university spin-off, corporate spin-out and starting through bankruptcy. We can also help you explore complementary venture capital opportunities, those rare occasions when a complementary business is willing to offer financing for you to develop your business because having such a company fitting yours within our network might have important benefits.


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