Growth Finance

  • If you want to see your company grow, Ventures4Growth can help you find the financing you need to take your company to the next level. Our expert advice and connections could mean the difference between being a neighborhood success and a regional or national brand. We work with a network of people that may be able to finance your growth, like private individuals who want to invest, industrial investors and venture capitalists. They have different investment criteria because their aims are different. They are looking for a large profit over a relatively short period, as compared to an investment bank content on a modest return over many years. Ventures4Growth can broker deals like this for you.
  • Ventures4Growth can help you prepare your company for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or shop your company to private investors. Within our network, we have contacts that may be willing to extend venture capital financing or angel investment financing to your company, helping you to get a large amount of capital quickly without having to make payments immediately, plus you will get the benefit of an experienced advisor in your industry. Further, if this is an option for your company, Ventures4Growth can help you make sure that you retain a level of control with which you feel comfortable.

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