Eric De Bruyckere

Managing Partner

Chief Operation Officer


                                                                                 "I'm constantly asking this one  question: How can we make things better? No matter what stage you're at in your company's life cycle, or what industry you work in, everyone around you can benefit from new ideas. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box – just because something works doesn't mean it can't be better." So: "How can I make things better ?"


With over 20 years of financial consulting and accounting expertise as well as a deep well of management experience, Eric De Bruyckere is responsible for overseeing the ongoing operations of Ventures4Growth. While Eric's role is far-reaching within the organization, his finance background makes him especially suited to handle the complex and ever-changing demands of a company dedicated to raising capital and handling the selling and acquiring of ventures.


Before becoming an integral part of Ventures4Growth, Eric worked closely with founder Chris Raman at ExpertEyes where he served as chief financial officer. Here his major responsibilities involved the managing of all accounts and tax policies as well as the development of financial statements and oversight of the entire accounting department and company procedures. Prior to his work with ExpertEyes, De Bruckere served as a financial consultant and consulting manager at CIM-Hardi, a Belgian affiliate business partner of U.S.-based software company JDEdwards. While at CIM-Hardi, Bruyckere advised major European and U.S.-based organizations including big names like Eli Lilly and Holiday Inn.


In his time as a finance manager for various organizations, Eric has been irreplaceable due to his ability to guide fast-growing companies and businesses into their next stage. He has also helped organizations restructure their operations to become more effective, more efficient and more profitable in the long-term.


Eric holds a degree in accounting and tax affairs from the Technical College of Bruges, Belgium.



Assistant Dial: +32 9 269 52 43