Chris Raman

Founder, Managing Partner & CEO

When it comes to being a VenturePreneur, there are few individuals with more experience than Ventures4Growth founder and president Chris Raman. With over 30 years of financing startups and technology companies to his name, Chris founded Ventures4Growth in 2008 with the goal of providing a boutique private equity house where organizations could undergo development of their capital matchmaking and guidance for ownership succession.

Since then, Ventures4Growth has flourished and been responsible for the success of several companies who have raised funding, been acquired, and discovered newfound success thanks to the guidance of Ventures4Growth.

Before founding Ventures4Growth, Chris Raman stood at the cradle of more than 60 enterprises in which he invested, including as co-founder of Information Technology Investments (later FiT) which financed European distribution channels for North American software companies. FiT became instrumental in funding and facilitating international operations for these companies in the European market, and eight of these companies ultimately went public with the others being acquired. Chris has also facilitated global market expansion for clients through joint ventures, exclusive master distribution agreements and comprehensive outsourced business and consulting services.

Throughout Chris's career, he has stated and believed firmly that "every crisis creates an opportunity", a mindset that's helped him navigate his clients through countless experiences that might have ended poorly without his unparalleled guidance.

"I believe that a bold idea should be given the attention it deserves. Developing a positive perspective on events and ideas can create a catalyst that can shake-up the status quo in a way that ultimately benefits all of us. When a great idea is combined with the support it needs, there are often extraordinary results."

Chris is a graduate of Information Technology from Ghent and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and Commercial Engineering from the European Institute of Higher Education Brussels, and recently earned a post university degree as Family Business Advisor.

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