Etienne Hublet

Executive Partner, Strategic Maestro

In the grand concerto of corporate finance, Etienne Hublet commands the stage as the strategic maestro of financial narratives at Ventures4Growth. As the newly appointed Executive Partner, he brings a compelling depth of connectivity and a profound network that spans the highest echelons of finance. Celebrated for his innovative spirit and his foundational role as a member of the Union Professionnelle des Intermediaires en Cession (UPIC), Etienne elevates entrepreneurial ventures to unprecedented zeniths.

A Tapestry of Mergers and Acquisitions

With a maestro’s deft touch, Etienne has woven a legacy of profitable deals, guiding the mergers and acquisitions of industry stalwarts. His strategic virtuosity, honed as a founding member of UPIC, has been central to transactions that have redefined the business terrain, harmonizing organizations and aspirations into a synchronized ensemble.

Fund Raising Virtuoso

In the arena of fund raising, Etienne's expertise crescendos, highlighted by his pivotal role in securing capital for ventures like Collibra and funds like NEWTON BioCapital. His capacity to allure and secure substantial investments is the hallmark of a true finance connoisseur.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Warren Bennis

The Architect of Strategy Consulting

Etienne's strategic counsel has expertly navigated enterprises such as Saint Roch Couvin and SOLVAY through intricate corporate strategies. His tailored solutions, echoing each company’s unique tempo, have solidified his avant-garde status in strategic consultancy.

Harmonizing the Past with Ventures4Growth

Blending his vast tapestry of experience from AFFIX Corporate Finance and his visionary role as a founding member of UPIC, Etienne composes the future of Ventures4Growth. Here, he transcends the role of an executive partner to become the visionary strategist, championing a future where financial transactions are not merely executed but meticulously crafted into lasting legacies.


Etienne Hublet is the personification of financial acuity, strategic innovation, and transformative leadership at Ventures4Growth. His narrative, rich with the profound impact of his extensive network and strategic vision, sings of triumph and transcendence—a testament to harmonizing the multifaceted aspects of corporate finance into a cohesive, impactful symphony. With the baton firmly in hand, Etienne's leadership is set to guide Ventures4Growth through the complex symphony of the global financial market to unparalleled success.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. Steve Jobs

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